Environmental Policy


All our cardboard at Willersey Provisions is given to a local firm that shreds it for horse bedding.


All our transport vehicles are all very modern and incorporate the latest technology to keep CO2 emissions low and use less fuel helping the environment especially in city environments.

The building we work from has solar panels on the roof generating electrcity and helping to lower the use of fossil fuels.


All our deliveries are organized in such a way that deliveries are made in the most efficient way so that the minimum amount of distance is covered and thus maximizing the efficiency of that vehicle.


When Processing and packaging our products we use the minimum of packaging to keep down costs as well as saving the environment. Also we are happy to take any of our empty boxes back to use again or to be recycled.


We source what we can locally. This is not always possible in a competitive market but we always endeavour to buy in bulk to cut down on food miles.


Actively researching bio degradable packaging for the bacon currently.